Intel launches Dothan, new naming scheme

By Julio Franco
May 10, 2004
  1. Intel Corporation is shipping three new Intel® Pentium® M processors, boosting the performance of Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology. The new chips are the first mobile processors built on Intel's 90-nanometer (nm) manufacturing technology, and feature faster clock speeds, design enhancements and more on-die cache memory for better performance.

    Dothan Pentium Ms, which pair higher clock speed with performance enhancements such as extra Level 2 cache, for a total of 2MB, will offer performance increases of between 10 percent and 17 percent compared with previous Pentium M chips. At the same time, notebook with the chips will have about the same battery life, an important consideration for notebook owners who spend time traveling.

    More information: Intel official site | CNet news report.

    Update: The HardwareZone has published a review of the Pentium-M 'Dothan' used on the upcoming Acer TravelMate 8000.
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