Intel leaks out details on Prescott & more

By Julio Franco
Jul 10, 2003
  1. While AMD seems to be getting most of the attention for this year's second half with the introduction of the Athlon 64, Intel is showing they will have a busy schedule themselves, as well.

    As was expected, Intel is preparing to introduce a 3.4 GHz chip code-named 'Prescott' that will bring new instructions to the P4 architecture and will double L2 cache (up to 1mb), CNet hints that given the architectural changes, a brand new name could be justified.
    That's going to be as further as Intel will push the P4 technology this year with speedier CPUs planned to be launched Q1/04. That, as well as more price cuts, faster Celerons, improved Xeons and energy-efficient chips for slim notebooks.

    I would recommend to read CNet's whole story for a quick outlook on how Intel is preparing for the rest of the year and 2004.
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