Intel selects IDT to develop wireless charging chipset

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Aug 30, 2012
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  1. Intel demonstrated a couple of inductive charging options for keyboards and smartphones earlier this year at Computex. At the time we were told that this was only a proof of concept, one they had been working on since 2008, and...

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  2. Reminds me of an Avengers episode where they used broadcast power to send high voltage to a guy in an insulated suit with a metal thimble that when he touched someone they would recieve the current and get fried. OK, I know this is far different, it just triggered that memory...
  3. Amigosdefox

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    Isn't wireless charging inductive charging?
  4. Tygerstrike

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    Yep the very same. That tech has been around for awhile. Mostly in toothbrushes, more recently they tried it for cellphones. It really kinda flopped on the cellphone side tho. It just didnt charge fast enough. Plus there were some interference issues that happen when you have magnetic fields and cellphones. How this will work for a Ultrabook....who knows. Just wondering if that magnetic field is going to screw up the computer.
  5. What I dont get far can you get a device from the wireless charger?
    cause if its gonna be inductive as where you put your device in a special's that essentially (conceptually) different from having a charging cradle for your phone?

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