Intel's 10th-gen Comet Lake desktop CPUs might not arrive until June


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While the Comet Lake laptop processors arrived last summer, the launch date of the desktop versions is still a mystery. But we now might have a better idea of when they’ll arrive, thanks to, which has posted pictures of the Intel Core i5-10400 and a slide from the company.

The interesting part of the slide is the ‘Product Introduction Date (Press embargo)’ section, which reads: "Press News Embargo: April 13 - June 26, 2020."

We don’t know if the slide is genuine, so take this with a pinch of salt, but it suggests there is no set embargo date for the chips’ launch. That could mean Intel is anticipating missing the April release date, with the CPUs potentially not launching until June.

If there really is a delay, it can almost certainly be attributed to the coronavirus. As noted by Tom’s Hardware, it wouldn’t make sense for Intel to release the chips if its partners can’t produce supporting motherboards in time.

The more optimistic and likely alternative is that Intel will be officially announcing the Comet Lake desktop chips on April 13, before introducing the various CPUs between then and June 26, each one with its own embargo date.

We’re expecting to see over twenty 10th-gen Comet Lake desktop chips, including the 10-core/20-thread i9-10900K that replaces the i9-9900K. Leaks say the flagship CPU will feature 125W TDP, a base frequency of 3.7GHz, and boost to 5.1GHz. The chips will have hyperthreading enabled from the most expensive model all the way down to the Pentium G6400T, unlike the current-gen CPUs, where it’s only on the i9 series.

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It’s amazing what happens when production slows or stops in the country you’ve allowed to handle the production of the bulk of your own products.



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Intel only has the one fab plant in China and it doesn't make CPUs - all the 10nm process node fabs are in the US.

Edit: There are product assembly lines in China and SE Asia, though, and as the news article says, there's no point in releasing a new line in CPUs that require a new socket if motherboard manufacturers can't churn out enough boards.


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It seems Intel has reach the max what it's 14nm process can do.
the single die of Intel desktop processor is larger than it's mobile processor, so will have higher manufacturing fail rate


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It would be great for the industry if these outperform AMDs 7nm Ryzen CPUs. Competition is good for the consumer! Lol.

I mean who wouldn’t want them to leapfrog AMD?


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Intel won’t have a better product until they break down and add more cache like Tiger Lake CPU’s claim they’ll do. Until then more of the same, and that’s not really competition until they compete on price. Personally I don’t base my purchases on price but productivity. Intel needs one of those and quick.