Interesting webcam freeze

By No hair left
Sep 9, 2005
  1. Hi Everyone and Greetings From Thailand,
    Tech help is very limited in this part of the country. I'm using an one year old HP ze5500 laptop with 500mhz RAM and 60ghz HD. The computer is extremely reliable and robust. I'm using the latest version of MSN 7.5 (previously used MSN7.0). I have both ADSL @1000k/b sec. and a 56k backup line for those periods when the ADSL gets clunky. I use my webcam (Logitech quick pro messenger) to communicate with my family. On the 56k line the webcam works fine albeit with slow streaming (as expected). On the ADSL it also works fine too: much faster. On the 56k line I can communicate with video for hours. On the ADSL line I can communicate for 10 minutes and then the computer freezes, one time it even gave me the blue window of death. I have to restart it to get another 10 minutes. Audio communications is never a problem, only video. Any troubleshooting hints or answers? I've reloaded software, updated drivers, dumped Zone Alarm. Problem exists with both MSN7 and 7.5. I'm running out of ideas. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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