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By Greasemonkeyjoe
Apr 12, 2007
  1. Ive looked through the boards but haven't found anything to help hopefully Im not missing the obvious.

    This started a day or two ago. My machine was was working fine and it shut down normally. When i go to restart it nothing happens. I can see a blinking light on the mobo (lan signal light?) when I unplu the machine the light blinks a few times then goes out and when I plug it back in it comes back on and somtimes the power light is on very dim and flickers. If I turn it off for a few minutes then plug it back in and hit the switch the machine turns on (SOMETIMES) I may have to play with for a few more minutes. When it does turn on its fine with no issues and it seems if i turn it off and restart within a few minutes its fine untill it sits for awhile.

    The MObo, chip, video card and memory are brand new 2-3 months everything else is mayby 1-3 years it all varies old Hard drives, opticals sound card and PSU I question the PSU as it is a 350w but its only 1 1/2 years old

    I rebuilt the machine in Feb as the older system 1.6 Duron Xp had similar MOBO issues which I tracked down to a blown capacitor on the board

    I have changed the power/reset switch to a known good one but with no change

    Case.... Coolermaster Cavier
    Mobo....MSI K9N4 SLI
    Chip.....AMD 3800 64 dual core
    Mem..... (2) 1 gig Kingston Chips pc6700 (Pretty sure on the speed)
    Vid....... Gigabyte Nvidia 7600GT 256 ddr3

    PSU Antec 350w
    H/D 80gb western Digital?
    H/D 60gb ?

    optical drives are Creative Labs cdrw and dvd
    Sound... Soundblaster Live 5.1


  2. ceegee

    ceegee TS Rookie

    Check your psu with a voltmeter, and monitor voltages when it does boot.
    If the led is on the mb then it is a power indicator, if they are on the network jack then it is net work indicator. The switch on the case does not turn on your computer, it just tells the computer that you want to turn it on. There is a signal from the PSU to the MB that tells the MB that power is good, that LED moitors that signal. therefore if it is flashing or out I would say that your PSU is about to go, replace it before it causes any damage to MB or other components.
  3. Greasemonkeyjoe

    Greasemonkeyjoe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had a gut feeling about that. I was told at 350w its marginal at best.

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