Intermittent Network Connection

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Jul 17, 2007
  1. Hello, I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I did a search and wasn't able to find any posts with this particular problem.

    I have a wireless network running either a Netgear or a Dlink router (same problem with either router). The problem I have is that the wireless signal randomly keeps cutting out. Its kind of a crude test, but I know right away when I lose my signal because my AOL instant messenger stops working. Can't view away messages and can't send messages. Internet explorer follows right behind. I have to either A) switch my wireless off on my laptop and switch it back on, wait a few seconds and it re-detects the wireless or B) repair the wireless connection. At home there are multiple computers and it doesn't matter what room I'm in, so I don't think it's the pc hardware.

    I have the same problem at work with our router. We have desktops with wireless cards that will cut out randomly and we have to wait for them to come back online to do any work. Both at home and at work I have updated the router firmware and both are brand new routers less than a few months old.

    It gets very frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Nodsu

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    Update the wireless card drivers?

    Use Windows instead of the card maker's software for wireless or vice versa.

    Do you have any VPN, packet filtering, firewall software? Try uninstalling each of these in case they are interfering. WinPcap capture and CheckPoint VPN are totally awful for wireless.

    On the router, try disabling some functions to reduce the load. (QoS, packet filtering, DHCP?, VPN)
  3. redalertcavy

    redalertcavy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, i'm going to try the wireless card drivers i'm sure I can figure those out pretty easily.

    I don't use firewall software, just the windows xp firewall. Shouldn't have a VPN but i'm not sure about packet filtering.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll take a look into it and get back with you on what I found.
  4. redalertcavy

    redalertcavy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I updated the wireless card to the latest driver, no luck.

    No firewall other than the windows firewall (even turned off the router's firewall just for the heck of it).

    Don't know much about the VPN. QoS I disabled, still no luck.

    Other ideas?
  5. madcatmk2123

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    Have you tried using another known good cable to connect the WIFI router to your modem? Could be cause of why both routers have trouble using same cable (assuming you havent switched cable for each router).
  6. nickc

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    all wireless devices can have problems disconnecting. I wish u luck with this as it may be a bear to fix, I once threw away a router and gave away the wireless cards for this very reason, and I had one computer would stay connected but was a little slow at transwering.
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