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Jan 22, 2008
  1. Hi guys,

    i'm looking for advice on appropriate software that will effectively spy on a users terminal services account on win server 2003). I need to track how often, what sites and how long he spends on the internet per working day.
    Our HR has sanctioned this.
    Could it be done via group policy or does it need specific software?
    I found win-spy which seemed really good and do what i want, but whilst running it, i found i could no longer log into the server by RDP, so that was uninstalled, shame!

    Any advice please?

  2. Bobbye

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    You're talking some pretty serious 'stuff' here. IF this is a work environment, the IT in charge should handle this. I don't know what an 'HR' is, but even it that person 'sanctioned' it, the "spying" should be in the hands of someone who both knows how and is authorized to carry it out.

    I don't want to get up on a soap box here, but this is holding an employee's job and future in jeopardy. It shouldn't be in the hands of someone who has to 'ask' how to do it!
  3. Samstoned

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    any one with admin knowledge of any MS os can set active x logging without 3rd party tools
    HR usually mean human Resource in my group
    they have no authority as far as I know to allow just anyone to do this
    maybe it means something else for them
    if you are not IT admin you can loose your job if caught
    that said
    lookup sysinternals and go to msdn server2003 admin
  4. k.jacko

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    oK, slow down soap boxers :p . I appreciate the advice however:

    1. I am the I.T. dept here, there are levels of experience regarding server admin etc, but i personally don't know how to monitor a single users internet activity via any MS OS.
    2. The MD has asked me to do this. I pointed out that in most cases it is illegal to spy on an employee unless they are told that they will be monitored. He then got Human Resources involved who investigated and apparently if we suspect an employee of exploitive or unusual behaviour that is not work related during office hours, then we can monitor their activity. However it is not submittable evidence in misconduct tribunal. Its only acceptable to use if you suspect an employee of such activity, which we do.

    Like a lot of programmes, we download, install, and try them out to see which one works best for our needs.
    I found win-spy which did everything i wanted, but for some reason would not allow me to type my password to log back into terminal services. So an incompatibility has arisen, therefore i uninstalled it.
    I'm simply asking if anyone knows of another similar program that may NOT conflict with TS, in fact even work in conjunction with it.
    3. As far as "but this is holding an employee's job and future in jeopardy", well he is doing things he shouldn't and could easily be discplined for it. He is holding his own job and future in jeopardy, not us. Especially when he is charge of £2m projects that he is not pulling his weight on.

    We're not trying to play god, and tbh i don't feel too good about it myself, cos i get along fine with the guy in question. But he is taking the p*ss. I remotely looked in on his TS server account yesterday and he was watching Carmen Electra take a shower on a web cam site. Now i love Carmen, but this can't happen during office hours!

    Thanks to you both for your input, i will look at what you have advised...and let you know.
  5. Samstoned

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    no mention of (I'm the IT)
    any case
    I have not messed with this in awhile
    this may get you started
    MS IPSec logging
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