Internet Connection Lost!

By British_Command
Oct 21, 2005
  1. Ok this is what has happened-

    I have a linklsys wireless router for my host computer and my client computer has a linksys internet adapter, now its not to do with the model of linksys or if its wireless G or B (there both G).

    My internet has been for around 6 months and everything is fine, now a couple of days ago on my client computer it wont pick up the inetrnet connection i dont know why, it doesent come up with little picture in the bottom right corner of the screen showing it connecting or anything!

    Im pretty sure the adapter is working because there is a little green light that glows up on it at the back (by the way my adapter is a PCI card).

    Now the problem basically is my client computer is not picking up the internet even though my router is turned on!

    The only thing is before the client computer stopped working (the internet connection) like a couple of days before the internet connection stopped i resarted the routers default and changed about a bit to try and enable xbox live.

    But it was still working after i changed the settings but if theres any ideas please post in im a high school student and need to finish homework!!!

    Tom Wells-Day :)
  2. Nodsu

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    First. You do not have a problem with internet connectivity. You have a problem with wireless connectivity.

    Connect to the router using an ethernet cable and look over the wireless settings. Update it to the latest firmware version.

    On your computer uninstall and reinstall all your wireless drivers and software with their latest versions.
  3. British_Command

    British_Command TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 148

    Wireless connectivity

    well i have updated the firmware and still no connection?

    Also if you know do you know how to find out my clients ip address on either of the comps (Host or client)

    I used to know how to do it on Command Prompt but i forgot what to type...

    The last time it worked was when my younger bro was playing on a game called counter strike and everything messed up so he turned off the computer by the plug socket (which we usuallu sometimes do) and thats when i turned it back on and it didnt seem to be showing any connetion to the host computer...

    On the client computer i have re-installed the internet adapter and still no change.

    Any other ideas???

    Tom wells-day
  4. toffeapple

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    to get ip addres from command prompt
    start, run in run box type cmd(command if 95 or 98)
    this will give you a dos prompt
    type ipconfig
    the default gateway should be the IP address of your router

    to connect to configure your router settings open up your browser and enter the IP addres of your router( can be found in manual may be this will allow you to check the settings on the router.
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