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By beedubaya
Dec 1, 2004
  1. I live in a rural area, and unlike most rural areas, mine has recently been entirely wired with cable internet access. However, my driveway is so long that my cable company refuses to run cable to my house from the road. There is cable at my mailbox for crying out loud, 1100 feet away. Because of 1100 feet, I am downloading at 2KB/sec instead of 400 KB/sec, and can barely surf the net. There is no DSL either, do I have any other options besides satellite, which I think it would be cheaper to move rather than pay for? Thanks for replies.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Build yourself a nice porter's lodge at the street-end of your driveway.
    Or check out what cable they use, and lay it yourself. How much would 1100 ft. cost you? Rent a minidigger, and for $200-300 you should be able to bury that cable deep enough. Leave plenty cable near your house for it to reach inside. Then ask the cable-guys to make the connections.
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