Internet Explorer giving errors....

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Oct 21, 2005
  1. i posted this in the os forum but looks like it mite be more suited to be on here

    I keep getting these messages.. when i click debug nothing happens except.. my harddrive grinds for abit.. and the hour glass apears then nothing happens..

    I don't get them when going on webpages.. I get them.. when I am just on my desktop..

    And nothing seems to happen when it pops up.. i can just close it.. and continue doing whatever i was doing.. can someone please help?

    I even tried disable the do not display script error on IE options.. but still this thing keeps poping up.. i have used antispyware, hijack this, norton..and cleaned up my computer so there are no spywares/viruses causing it..

  2. RealBlackStuff

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  3. Masque

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    Have you checked your hard drive for issues? Is this the only thing that's happening right other issues?
  4. kkokko

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    i am gonna run the hard drive bad sector test now.. and let u guys know
  5. kkokko

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    i recently got this....

    and when i shut down my comp... it said failed to initialiaze same program due to shutting down...

    i did a fine file for this file but no success and i even googled it and havent found any info on it..

    there is a prefetch thing with the same name though.. im not sure does anyone know what this is about??

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  6. Masque

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    You may have a bad stick of Memtest 386 (I believe) and see what that lays out....or swap the sticks if you have spares.
  7. kkokko

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    just got bsod.. i have ran memtest86 and even prime 95 no errors
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