Internet Gaming?

By herringtonjc
Oct 3, 2007
  1. I am in an area that is currently restricted to NO broadband that I know of what-so-ever... I'm at a choice. Satellite internet (Which has such good things like latency and the fap bucket) Or dial up... Any suggestions guys? (and girls alike, I know not all us geeks can be guys :blackeye:
  2. SNGX1275

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    You probably won't ever be able to play a first person shooter game, the latency with satellite is just too much, and it would be impossible over dialup anyway.

    You may be able to do some gaming over satellite, but I'm not up to speed on what you can get by with. I do know I used to play starcraft online over dialup several years ago. So perhaps you can play something like Command and Conquer 3 over satellite.

    For just general non gaming, you definately want satellite over dialup.
  3. herringtonjc

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    Really, the only reason I truly want fast internet is in order to game. Counter-strike, Halo 3 on Xbox live. It's killing me...

    Life is such a drag... All I really want to do is play... Guild Wars, CS:S, and Halo 3 on Xbox live, or what ever other game particularly strikes my fancy when it comes out.
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