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Apr 6, 2007
  1. I am looking to solve a problem that has cropped up recently on my home network. I have two computers wired into a router, which is then connected to a cable modem. I have the computers set with static IP addresses and they share the internet connection. As of Wed night, my computer here is still perfectly able to access the internet, but the other computer can't load any web pages or access the network. Tuesday night we used both computers on the internet with no issues. I have tried reseting the modem, reseting the router, and reinstalling the router software. I've replaced the network cable, swapped router ports, defragged the computer, run adaware, cleaned the registry, and any number of other solutions. On ping tests, the other computer is sitting at roughlt a 60% packet loss, so it's not completely cut off from the internet, it simply can not function correclty. Any possible solutions to my problem would be greatly appreciated!
  2. N-Guy

    N-Guy TS Rookie Posts: 105

    You set them both on Static IP? Tried taking it off the static & getting one automatically?
  3. HackNSlash

    HackNSlash TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, I've tried letting it get the IP automatically on the second computer. I've tried completely disconnecting my own comp here and only using the second one, thinking maybe somehow I was hogging the entire connection. These didn't work either. I've been messing with this computer for three days now and can't seem to see what I'm doing wrong. :(
  4. tipstir

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    Why did you setup this way, since you have a Router that would assing DHCP? Can you explain more detail..
  5. tipstir

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    Cable Modem - WAN
    WAN (internet) Router Port 1- PC1 / Port 2-PC2
    PC1 - DHCP
    PC2 - DHCP
  6. N-Guy

    N-Guy TS Rookie Posts: 105

    Try getting LSPfix from here:

    I've had a couple times where the connection completely didn't work for ONE computer - ran this & found an unusual file, it removed & solved the problem.
  7. HackNSlash

    HackNSlash TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I believe I set it up this way so we could connect to each other's computers for gaming purposes. I can't really remember now why, but it's never had aproblem before.

    Thank you for the link, I'll look into this and get back to you :)

    EDIT: Just tried out LSPfix - no problems detected on either comp, so no dice there. Thank you again for the link to that program though!
  8. jobeard

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    your ping losses bother me.

    from system-A ping system-B's-address and then conversely.

    times should look very similar.

    also try from system-A pathping system-B's-address and conversely.

    on your own private LAN (ie router -->two systems) you should have ZERO losses.
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