Internet problem after each time starting computer

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Aug 8, 2007
  1. Every time after i start the computer up, and i open up internet explorer, i have this problem. Internet explorer takes much longer than is normal to get to my homepage which is yahoo. It loads for a long time and usually eventually will load it. After the loading the hompage though, the rest of the websites load fine. This is problem is a few months old and i have had this computer for years. is there anyway i can fix this?
  2. tipstir

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    Click on Tools then internet options, click on settings change size to 50 to 80. Delete prior store internet files. There is a free program called ccleaner or www.ccleaner that can keep the internet temp files clear out. Next get a free spyware cleaner, one I recommend is spyware terminator. Run that and see what tracking cookies, spyware, trojans or anything else that might have hopped onboard your system when you visit other sites..
  3. escaflownev1

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    nope none of that helps. i dont think its a ie problem because i have firefox and that also has the same problem. I think it has to do something it my network drivers or something.
  4. jobeard

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    how does it behave when you just logout and then log back in?
  5. escaflownev1

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    good question

    After logout/login it behaves correctly there the problem is not present. Only after restart or shutdown and turn on.
  6. jobeard

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    investiage the programs in your startup list.
    If you have Spybot Search & Destroy, it will display it for you and you can
    enable/disable without harm
  7. escaflownev1

    escaflownev1 Topic Starter

    notn wrong

    there is nothing suspicious in my startup. There are very few startup objects and there all ones i know and trust.

    is there anyway i can make the network connection start earlier?
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