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internet problems..

By litteraround
Mar 3, 2007
  1. hey everybody. i am new to this forum, but from what i see here, it looks awesome.

    i am having internet problems. yesterday my computer was in the "hibernate" state and when i put it on, i got BSOD. since then fortunately i have not had BSOD again but the problem is i have lost my internet connection since then.
    net connection itself is working fine. i use broadband connection and i have windows xp, 512 RAM, dell P4 pc.
    actually what happens is when i try to go to a webpage in any browser(i have tried - explorer, firefox, aol etc.) what i get is "detecting proxy settings" and it stays that way without showing the webpage. plz help.
    also, another wierd thing is that since a week ago, whenever i start my pc, i have been getting a dialogue box for installing the software for some "patin couffin-VSO" device. i dont know what the hell it is.

    also as a reference, i would like to notify that around 2 months back i was experiencing NT-Authority shutdown and recurring BSODs. but i repaired that problem using tools like rustbfix and combofix, as was given in another thread in this forum.
    my whole pc(not just internet) was down for a whole week then.

    so plz help. i am going nuts over this. iwould be very grateful.
  2. chamillitarysk8

    chamillitarysk8 TS Booster Posts: 128

    patin couffin-VSO is a cd/dvd burning software if u can recreate or get the error msg from your BSOD then i can really help you and exactly what msg came up in your browsers?
  3. stallions

    stallions TS Rookie

    This might be a stupid question but do you know if you need to setup a proxy to be able to browse the net? Are you behind firewall?
  4. litteraround

    litteraround TS Rookie Topic Starter


    hi, the BSOD had stop error x000008. so, is it related to the problem in any way.

    hi, no actually proxy setup seems to be fine. i can say this b'cos internet works fine in safe mode but not in "normal"mode. the problem as i can gather is with the recieving of the data as in my "network connection (control panel)" in the normal mode. there isn't any or its very slow.

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