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By Rindill ยท 6 replies
Dec 29, 2007
  1. Okay, I am really tired of trying to deal with this problem. Here goes, if I attempt to connect to the internet through my router, either wirelessly or wired, it will work for about 10 seconds and stop. If I repair it will work again for about 10 seconds and stop. If I connect to AIM during that 10 seconds, AIM will continue working but I still cannot access the internet. If I plug directly into my SBC Global speed stream technology device, I can access the internet fine. All other computers on my router at home work fine. This happened shortly after I had a serious virus attack, possibly hacked. A few device failures, and vmmreg32.exe eating my computer, and some attempted spamming from my computer. I downloaded and installed the full suite of antivirus, CWShredder, RogueRemover, AVG spyware and virus, Ad-aware, spybot. And I am very certain that my computer is completely clean now. However, I still have this problem. I've tried ipconfig /release and /renew and netsh int ip reset..., all of that. I've tried reseting my router, I've tried resetting my network settings. I also ran check disk and defragmenter, everythign I could think of. Any ideas?
  2. Tedster

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    router problems are posted in the networking forum.
  3. Rindill

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    Its not really a router problem. It has something to do with there being a router, but it is a problem with my computer, as I stated.
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    hum; you ask us for help and then determine that our answers are not relevant?

    good luck!
  5. Rindill

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    Okay, I figured it out, for those who have a similar problem.

    Turns out it was a very recent I-Worm that was hiding itself in one of my network svchost.exe's. I put it in safe mode, updated Free AVG Spyware, and cleaned it out. I also reset my DNS Client service. Anyway, its working now. And it wasn't a problem with my router, so thanks anyway!
  6. Rindill

    Rindill TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The Problem is not as gone as I thought it was.

    Okay, it's back. Apparently it was only taking a break, or something. Because its back. And I believe it to be connected to some viruses and trojans and such that are interconnected. So, when I connect to the internet, in the first moments my computer gets loaded with three viruses/trojans that my computer keeps picking up. Two /*Random numbers*/.exe in my temp folder. And an smtpdrv.sys in my drivers. These keep coming back, no matter hwo many times I get rid of them, no matter if I am in safe mode. As soon as I link to the internet, they come back, and then ten seconds later the internet stops working. I can delete them, but the internet will continue to not work.
  7. Rindill

    Rindill TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed my problem with Combofix!

    Combofix, whoever made this is a genius. Just ran it and my comp is back to normal. whohoo!
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