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By Beast_
Apr 27, 2006
  1. I'm interested in changing Internet Service Providers. I'm currently using Rogers Ultra High Speed, and it's through coaxial cable. I was wondering if there were ISPs that provide wireless service, without having to use a phone line or much installation in a household. Is there any providers out there that anyone is aware of that provides desktop antennas that are strong enough to reach service providers stations, etc. I knew a friend that had an ISP, and he didn't have to call anyone to their house for installation, etc. The only thing he equipped onto his desk was this mountable antenna which could receive wireless internet signals for his service. Is there anything like this that still exists as an ISP today? I've been with Rogers for 6 years LOL.. I need a change.
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    There are some cities like Portland, OR that have started up citywide WIFI. But this is costly and most assuredly will be paid by for by tax-and-spend democrats.

    Finding a WIFI provider that blankets a region will be difficult as this is realtively new and capital intensive. OF course you can always search for signals if you want to mooch. (or go to the local coffee shop.)

    If you find a weak signal that you can use, you can always build a directional annenna like a CAN-tenna. (made from a pringles can.)

    Remember WIFI range is limited.

    Now your only other option for broadband that ISN'T cable or DSL is Satellite boradband.

    Here downlinks are fast, but uplinks are slow. But if you're in the boonies, it may be your only option.
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    I get my broadband wireless from, they are in the USA as and maybe they're in Canada as well.
    Mine is just a little black box, the size of an (upright) pocket book, that sits on my window sill and connects to my router.
    It's literally plug-and play.
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