Internet shuts off me randomly

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Oct 29, 2007
  1. I have a westell versalink 327w, my computer is a hp m1170n....My service provider is Bellsouth(AT&T now) DSL.... I'll be surfing the net and then at some random moment it will show the "cannot find page" message. I called AT&T and they said Im getting a good signal. The only thing working while my internet is down msn messenger. All the lights that are suppose to be on are on...The only way I can fix the problem temporarly is turning off the modem and turning it back on, but maybe 10-15 mins later it shuts off again...any hints or suggestions
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    Always update the router firmware to the latest version. Are you connected to the router wirelessly or with a network cable?

    Are you using any P2P software (BitTorrent)? Unless properly configured, these have a tendency to overload home routers.
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    I tried looking for firmware updates but couldnt find any, I guess I aint lookin in the right places.... I have a gateway (modem/router) and Im connected through the ethernet cable...

    I use Ares, but not often
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    Are you using the phone line they had provided to you? It might be very long? Best bet for you to check the DSL filters and see if any of them is gone bad. Once they go bad things like you have ask happen. Also check the phones in your place do they sound static or crackle? Bad phone on the line can make the DSL act up.

    Do youself a favor, go to wal-mart in the electronics section look for belkin ultra phone line. It might be now under a different name APC or something like that. Buy that and use it instead of what they gave you. Like CAT 5e patch cord but for the phone line. It has EMI/EMF protection against noise.
  5. tipstir

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  6. kenshin954

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    all the phones sound ok ... i got a new ethernet cable you think that could be it?
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