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By P!M
Dec 10, 2007
  1. Hi all I've got a question about internet speed.
    I want to buy an Wireless PCI card

    It sais: for up to 54 Mbps transfer rate. (do they mean Mbit/s, Mbps, or mbps?)
    Alright but what does this mean? I need to know how many kb/s this is.
    I want to know at how much kb/s I can download. Via DSL (with an cable into my pc) I download at 500 kb/s and upload at 110kb/s (max)

    So can this card handle this speed? The wireless modem stands at the first floor and my pc at the second.

    I know the question is noob but if I search on the net people get crazy with speed terms and I don't know what they mean :p
  2. jobeard

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    that device is 802.11{g/b} compatible and if your router/access point is G mode,
    then that's the best you can get for now -- the actual numbers are mute.

    there is a new technology (802.11(n)) but it is NOT yet standardized and connections across vender models (route vs wifi card) are often difficult or even
    unsupported -- don't waste money on non-standard equipment!

    see this article
  3. P!M

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