Internetpages not displayed and unable to mail in XP

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I don't know how this happened. It started very innocently. My eudora gave the error (once in a while) 'no buffer space availble'. I got the message more and more. Suddenly the pages in opera were not loaded or parcialy. In IE it's worse. I see a parcial page for a few seconds, and then he reports the site is not available.

When sending mail and receiving mail I get the error always now.

I also had several programs that stopped working with an error. Even taskmgr says he cannot start because mem error and so on. uninstalling something says there are no resources enough.

Wierd is the problems get worse after a while. When first booting I can do almost anything I want, and bit by bit my systems degrades.

i already unistalled everything I installed that could possibly cause the problem.

I could do system restore, but I don't seem to find the option.

Anyone a suggestion. I don't feel like installing everything again.

I don't think you need my specs, because it's a software (probably win XP) prob.

In my Win 98 SE, everyhting workes fine.

AMD XP 1600+, A7V266-E, 512 RAM, radeon 8500, sb 5.1, ibm 40 gb and quantum 20 gb, 3c905 TX NIC.


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Let me guess: you installed a buggy driver or an application before this started - now there's a memory/resource leak somewhere? What was the last thing you installed before this? Do things work in safe mode?
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