Interpol; Get the Card Jackers, Puleeze!

By TonyGuitar
Apr 29, 2006
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  1. Careful, you*re impulse to trust could BITE you.

    Credit cards on line

    Full safety = avoid using the card on line.

    But if you must use a card on line:=

    [1] Lower the card ceiling to $500..lower if possible.

    [2] Avoid free screen saver sites and offers.

    [3] Avoid free virus scans unless, Telus or a site you know.

    [4] Avoid Porn Sites. Most dangerous for Trojans & worms.

    [5] Avoid music share sites like *Limewire*.

    [6] Avoid Teen P2P chat sites.

    [7] Never fill in app. Forms sent to you in Email. Phishing.

    [8] Always red X zap Email selling drugs, Rolexes, software.

    [9] Zap means do not click on *stop these Emails* just on X.

    [10] Zap lottery win notices. Otherwise they win, you lose.

    [11] Zap offers to help bank 2, 3, 5, 10 million for others.

    A credit card was hi-jacked recently.

    The card invoice listed a paysite $35.99 charge and 800 number.

    The charge was fraudulent. Phoning the 800 number, the paysite informs of a charge to an *Adult* site membership. Never heard of it..[B….. On B…..]. Victims will know.

    Not able to spell it out. Some young reader may go there and lose the family savings. Avoiding lawsuits here.

    Two charges to the card… $400 - UK. Server and $380 Isreali server, were refused . Card had $300 open window.

    To check the card validity, the crooks charged $35.99 to the
    B….. on B….. web site. That did pay.

    Theory: Crooks always prefer cash. Crooks paid themselves the $35.99. Ergo, they own the adult website the money was paid to.

    Ok, Interpol… go get *em. You know where they hang out.


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