Interresting issue. Address Bar (IE) not auto-adding 'http://' to addresses

By Vigilante
Apr 19, 2006
  1. So check it out, IE will not go to any page unless you manually type "http://" into the address bar. If you just type, it won't even attempt to open, just sits there, but add and it goes just fine. No 404 page or error page of anykind, it just sits there. If there is a page already open, it just stays on that page.

    The system suffered from some malware and a virus. But those are gone now. It's been scaned with a dozen tools, HJT is clean. I've reregistered a bunch of DLLs for fixing activex. I've reset the winsock, deleted hosts files, checked windows updates. And more.
    Firefox doesn't have the problem.

    I updated to IE 7 Beta 2 and it has the same issue! My googling isn't turning up much for this issue.

    I know the system is clean, but the malway it did have, probably muffed something in the registry or a file somewhere.

    So how can I get IE to automatically add http:// to URLs again? Anybody seen this nonesense before?
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    Woops, you posted right when I did. Yes those must be the registry keys I needed to know. Definitely adding that to my favs. I guess the search settings reset those.

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