Intro-ing self as requested! End-user of Win 7, Android, hoping to buy 8.1 device soon

By losdavos
Feb 9, 2014
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  1. Hello wonderful techspot people, I've been here a couple times when, as happens once every two years or so, I get something hijacking whatever windows pc I'm using as my main computer. For instance, I'm here today because "" has infected all three of my browsers (chrome, ff, and ie). I was going to head straight to the malware removal section but I saw the "introduce yourself" suggestion, and so, still so grateful to and admiring of the techspot community from the previous times it's helped me, I figured that following the suggestion to introduce oneself was the least I could do before once again availing myself of free expert assistance.

    I'm a 39 year old dad of two kids (who are young enough that we don't yet need any parental controls on our devices, but we'll be there soon). I was a decently-skilled end-user of Web 1.0, but in Web 2.0 and/or wherever we are now, I'm pretty clueless.

    My main device now is a 1.5 year old toshiba portege z835. I love its feather weight and resulting portability. But that love of the convenience of a fairly serious full-on win pc is also the reason I now want to go a step further, and get Windows PLUS TOUCHSCREEN (win 8.1) device, namely, the also very portable Lenovo Yoga. Just waiting for the price to go on sale down to about $899 instead of its usual 999. I also do a little bit of voice recording for my side voiceover career, and so, on vague admonitions I'd heard for years "oh, anything in the arts you HAVE to use a Mac, blargh..." I went and got a Macbook Pro a couple years ago. Let's just say I had a severely allergic reaction. (I hated it and I don't use it. And it's pretty dead now anyway after it got dropped a couple times.)
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    Hello, and welcome. :) That's a nice intro!

    Perhaps we'll see more of you when you get 8.1. Personally, I suggest against it, as I think you may have a similar 'allergic reaction' to it like you did with MAC ...

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