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By dennis2115
Aug 30, 2005
  1. New to this forum, but not new to forums in general.

    I work with too many systems to post specs in my profile.

    A little about my experience:

    First computer....DEC PDP 11/03 1978.
    First "PC" brother's TRS-80 Model 1
    My First "PC": Tandy 1000
    First SysAdm job: SCO Unix
    O/S Experience: DOS, Win 3.11, W95, W98, W98SE, W2KP, WXP Home/Pro
    Network Exp: Unix; NT; Novell

    Languages Spoken: American Southern English; Geek Speak - specializing in translating Geek Speak into English that businesses can understand and profit from.

    Occupation: Disciple of Jesus the Christ...I do I.T. work to pay the bills!

    Looking forward to giving and recieving assistance.

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