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Mar 3, 2007
  1. Hi, all. I'm a newcomer that is going to need some help and hopefully offer some. I consider myself an adventurer, in that I learned most of my PC experiences by wondering, What if I do this......, and then fixing what I shouldn't have done.
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    Welcome. Be sure to read the FAQs in the guides forum and also at the top of each forum. 90% of questions are already answered there! Please post questions once in the proper forum and if members can help you, they will reply if they wish. We're strictly voluntary here! Take care and enjoy techspot - I've been techspott'n for a few years now. :)
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    LOL... I did that with my 1st computer, but have not and will not do it with my new system. That is why I'm a member here.
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    I don't push the " I wonder what would happen if" button much anymore. My computer seems to find that button on its own..
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