Introducing myself

By gamer0123
Nov 10, 2009
  1. My name is Mark. I own a PC. i have had several jobs in the past working with PC,unix based OS.(intel basedPC, sunOS, HPUX). I have worked for Quantum Corporation, NEC(Nippon Electronics Corp), Digital Equipment Corp(DEC); as well as phone companies such as Conversent Communications(startup). I got burned out, fed up, and feel support from companies should be how it used to be.

    I could go on for hours, but not sure how much to say. I am new to message boards, but will offer my help if i can help anyone else with my limited experience.

    I have alot more experience in old OS and such, but consider myself Savvy in current PC problems. (usually).

    I love games. even online games, but rather not talk, just play! I play Rockband2 and Rockband Beatles, on PS3, on Expert. Like i said i love gaming, but dont like talking much.

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