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By npower1
Jul 26, 2007
  1. My nickname: I believe that nuclear energy is just as polluting as oil. Hence I'm against new nuclear power stations.
    Background: I worked in the computer industry for about 20 years but before the explosion of PCs. Over that period I was involved with the most profitable piece of software, the first software to support and hence sell the first colour (dumb) terminal, the first attempt at making/selling PC based products, and others. However, until recently my only real use of PCs was as dumb terminals.
    I have not thought of computers and computing for about 15 years, so I couldn't tell the difference between a motherboard and a graphics card or tell you how the two are related - times have moved on.
    But in other ways nothing has changed. Useability was always a problem for the end user, mostly due to two reasons - developers always want to add new function increasing the decisions needed by the end user, and developers just don't think like end users. Most of the sites that I have visited on the internet are difficult, if not impossible to use - functionality appears to come before useability. This statement includes this site. For example, when scrolling through the forums here I see lots of text that disappears off to the right of the screen - this means that I can only see a disjointed part of any post. I have no idea if this is something I can control by some hidden option in Windows, or the browser, or if it is something that the forum designer has control over. Whichever it is, it causes frustration, annoyance, and hence an unwillingness to return. Design(useability) needs to be put back to the top of the agenda.
    Another of my bugbears at the moment is the experts translation into English. Don't get me wrong here, even in the short time I've been involved the response to querys has been suprisingly rapid and good - just not at the right level or in non jargon English. My prime example of this is as follows. I decided to use Firefox as my browser since I'd seen it praised as better than IE (thought I put in a bit of jargon), especially for security. Downloaded without a problem - wonderfull. Within two days the spell check feature decided to stop working. Having got to the Firefox forums I got a very quick response - unfortunately the advice was given as though I understood what I was doing, not as an end user who just wants his PC to be user friendly. Hence I still do not have the spell check feature working yet.

    Anniveraries (I just said spell check isn't working) - tomorrow I will have had a PC for a week, although I have to wait a bit longer for the internet connection anniversary.

    A bit of praise: Without telephone help from my PC supplier I would still have a serious software problem, due to my half falling for a fraud attempt. I chose a small, one shop, suppiler close to my my home - The Computer Store at the Bargate Mall in Southampton, England.
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    Useability here just got worse. Once I had posted the above I got some garbage about an invalid thread or some such. Since I had spent at least an hour thinking and typing to get a message other than something like ' your first post is receieved' sent my hart beat and frustration levels through the roof.
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