By Nuttifeetfirst
Feb 18, 2008
  1. Dell D830 with 1.8GHz T7100 core 2 duo 800Fsb 4 GB ram and Intel turbo 1 GB.

    Like most computer crazy users, there are many who are critics and are not prepared to just sit down in front of the computer and think. Reading through countless forums and covering many topics of which the anwers to many topics are in many ways simple.

    One topic which has been seen on many tech forums is that Networking between Vista and XP does not Happen, the answer here is it does and fairly simply. For this question the answer is Configure the Firewall on all Computers to allow inbound and outbound traffic. Also Disable Windows firewall, only use the firewall in the anti virus.

    My second Topic i have recently seen is about Robson, Intel's turbo Memory that is used to speed up laptop performance, i have robson installed and so far I have seen a marked improvement in bootup time, also in general running the computer is far more responsive, as yet I have not tried out what the results are under multi tasking, however during the comming weeks it shall be seen.

    It must be pointed out Robson and the Hybrid drives all use Nand memory and after a while it will need replacing as Nand wears out in time and if i am correct the memory on the hybrid cannot be replaced therefore the turbo memory is cheaper and at present the storage capacity far larger.
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