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Intruduction from a new member.

By TeatroAbsurdo ยท 4 replies
Dec 5, 2007
  1. Hello to everyone! I read yesterday a discussion about the " D is not accessible. incorrect function"...Well; after all I "jumped into" a same problem- for a wide and find here few interesting to fix this problem...Finally I did managed to ride this off...had to delete all of my Nero-Ahead programs and from the second HD the Linux based CD burning tools too... The problem belong to Nero or if you use any other third party software- for it...Also- the new Pinnacle can do the same registry manipulation...It is a driver error and take a long time to "find and find next" in the not give up to search for them all over the computers...has to remove all Ahead and Nero key from the registry and reactivate the original OS burning tools in the Control Panel's "folders options"...Good forum..glad to be here and wish all the best to everyone!
  2. momok

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  3. Daveskater

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    Hello, TeatroAbsurdo, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

    If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum :)
    Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

    It's good to meet you and I hope you enjoy it here :)
  4. TeatroAbsurdo

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    Thank you! I did my best...but my "computer system" is a home build and hard to say all of the details. I am using two IBM TP T40 on docking station2-connected-and one X30..but all the motherboards are replaced. All together 9Hd is here and one monitor-Acer 27"...The OS's are- excluding the "base' SunSolaris- in VMWare 6-modified...If i have to do more updates...just let me know it!
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    I'm very pleased to meet you.

    Regards Jason :)
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