Invalid System Disk - Someone please help!!!!

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Jun 9, 2005
  1. I am an A+ student and got a hold of an old Packard Bell (WIN 95, 1G HD, 32 MG RAM) to tinker with to learn more about the inner workings of a computer. When I powered it up, everything worked great; floppy, HD, CD-ROM, etc. No problems at all. I powered it down and took it all apart - removed power cables, IDE cables, removed drives, RAM, heat sink/processor, power supply, etc; had it down to the bare case. I then put it all back together the same way I found it (so I thought). When I powered it back up, it detected all my drives fine, however, it gave me the following message: "Invalid System Disk. Replace disk and hit any key." I hit a key and continued to get the same message. The green floppy light remains lit. There is no floppy in the drive and no CD in the CD-ROM. Here is what I did to troubleshoot the problem: (all have failed).

    1. Checked the floppy cable. It was not reversed and the correct end was in the mother board and back of floppy.
    2. Ensured the #1 Pins were in the correct position.
    3. Checked the IDE cables for both HD and CD, both were correctly positioned and in the correct plug (CD and HD both have their own cable).
    4. Changed the boot sequence of the floppy to several different positions.
    5. Disabled the floppy in the BIOS.
    6. Unplugged the molex and IDE cable from the floppy AND disabled floppy in BIOS.
    7. Tried to re-boot using a floppy re-boot disk.
    8. Disconnected power and IDE cables for BOTH CD and HD, and kept floppy drive connected. Then tried to boot using floppy.

    I apparantley did something terribly wrong during assembly. Some one please help!! Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  2. GoAvalanche

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    This might occurr if you are set to start from cd-rom. In bios set to
    1. floppy
    2. cd-rom

    This could happen if you have a boot-sector virus also.
    good luck
  3. GoAvalanche

    GoAvalanche TS Rookie Posts: 42

    your floppy drive might be broken. Do you have access to another one so that you could swap it in the system?
  4. GoAvalanche

    GoAvalanche TS Rookie Posts: 42

    Your floppy drive might be broken. Do you have access to another one so that you could swap it in the system?
  5. kraugie

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    You could also just remove the floppy drive currently installed and boot up without it to see if thats where the problem lies.
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