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Invalid VxD dynamic link from VWIN32(01)

By quegeo
Oct 30, 2005
  1. Old dog trying to learn new tricks. Bought Pent III Win 98
    from co. going out of business. Not to mach problem cleaning out files I didn't need and putting mine in.This year machine in shop three times $$$. Last time 2 wks
    ago came back with annoying problem. Everytime I turned it on it take 10 min. rebuilding reg. sys. Called shop, giving solution, didn't work... my fault?? Frustration I reinstall win 98 no solution. Went to bed. Next day start up
    machine crashes after coming to win logo, seemed to going into safe mode by leaves window come up with error
    Invalid VxD dynamic link from Vwin32(01) +ooooo714 to device "0009" service. win config invalid.
    Do I have to goback to shop$$$?
    2 things, I downloaded Kodak and had CD burn installed
    always had problem with Kodak but cd seemed good.
    Need tutoring!!!
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