Ioss Bios Saviour rd1-PMC4 question

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Nov 7, 2004
  1. Sorry about the double post, was in the wrong area before

    Recently my computers bios corrupted when I tried to flash it to a newer version, wouldn't reboot properly. I have an nf7-s and not many of my friends have them so i'm wondering if I can put the bios saviour in one of their computers (they are also PMC4) and flash their bios with the nf7-s bios. Obviously there computer would not reboot properly with the nf7-s bios in their system, so I'd have to switch it over to the orig bios. But do you think it would work if I took it out and put it back in mine?
  2. Nodsu

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    It could work.. Assuming you can actually convince the flashing software to attempt to flash a completely wrong BIOS.

    If your motherboard has a removable BIOS chip then you are better off finding someone with an EEPROM programmator and taking your chip+BIOS to them.
  3. usuris

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    Hmmm..maybe try flashing with say Abit's Flashmenu, I sent an e-mail to IOSS and am awaiting a reply.

    I really have no idea where I would find someone with an EEPROM programmator in the first place unfortunately. But i'm still waiting for the Bios Saviour to arrive anyways so, I could of ordered it from some place in Sweden, they said they could flash a specific bios onto the bios saviour for an extra fee, however the Euro conversion worked out to to much etc.etc.

    to Liquidlen: I can't count howmany times i've cleared my bios (i'm not new to overclocking so..pretty common procedure to clear cmos), but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Nodsu

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    People with programmators are electronics enthousiasts, repair shops, universities, companies that actually make some electronic devices..
  5. Per Hansson

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    Bringing this old thread back, I noticed it comes up at the top of a Google search...

    Yes, you can flash a BIOS with the wrong mobo, but it must be of the same physical size (i.e. either 2 or 4mb)

    The undocumented switch to awdflash.exe to force a flash on "the wrong mainboard" is /F
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