IP Address after Router?

By Ghaarnok
Apr 2, 2007
  1. Hi,
    Before I begin I should mention that I am not a networking genius so bear with me a little here.

    I am connected to the internet via my router. However, I want to find out "how the internet sees my computer". When I use a website such as www.whatismyipaddress.com it returns the ip address of my connection. I think this relates to the router though and not my computer specifically since if I use the same website on the other computer that uses the router, I get the same address. How do I find out what the IP address of my computer is so that it could be accessed via the internet from another computer? The reason for this is that I am trying to implement a media server on my computer so it can be accessed via the internet.

    Sorry if my explanation wasn't too clear. Any questions, just ask
  2. jobeard

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    Actually, you're quite clear :)

    Yes the router has two sides;
    1. public ip address (ie WAN)
    2. private ip addresses(ie LAN)

    Services like whatismyipaddress.com can ONLY see the public(WAN) side,
    and your LAN systems use NAT to share the public address to make requests
    and get replies.

    For anything you add to your LAN side as a service to be used by others,
    your own LAN systems only need the private address of the system with the
    service and they run without problems (you can use a name instead of an IP
    if you make an entry in the host file and copy it to all LAN systems).

    For anyone else on the Internet (say myself), attempting to access your service will require:
    1. you know the public(WAN) ip address of your router
    2. you're willing to tell others this address and port number(s)
    3. you port forward the required port(s) from your router to the system which runs that service

    BE ADVISED: Your EULA from your ISP may well restrict you from legally doing this AND
    if so noted, they can terminate your account.
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