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Feb 2, 2005
  1. Ok im am using mIRC to dl some files off ircspy. For some stupid reason the admin of that channel im using to dl files bans me. He thinks im running clones, but seriously im not. So he banned me. Also whenever i try to join his channel he kicks me(if i get in). Is there any way i can bypass this so i can get into the channel. Maybe changing my WAN ip? I am using a router w/cable modem. any suggestion would be aprreciated. thx.
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    any suggestions would be helpful...
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    There are two ways to get unbanned.

    1 is to E-mail them and say "what's up?!" Because a ban can last months, if not permanent.

    2 is; if you have a cable line and it's set to dynamic IP, you can go into your router and have it DHCP release/renew over and over until you get a new IP. But likely you'll keep getting the same one. While in your router, you can see the DHCP lease time until it renews you. But again, you'll likely get the same address, but you can try.

    I suppose you could also call up your cable company and ask them for a new IP, if you are on dynamic they probably can. Otherwise if you have static, you'll HAVE to ask them to change it.

    good luck
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    ok well it is dynamic. I alrdy tried to talking to the admin of the server but he is a **** and keeps kicking me. so thats not an option. the only option i see is somehow getting a new ipaddress? any have any suggestion plzzz lemme know. thx.
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  6. Vigilante

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    Sure then your only hope is to have your cable comp get you a new IP. Or try the release/renew trick in your router.

    Or perhaps you could unplug your cable modem every night. Each time that comes on it asks for an IP. Often it grabs the same IP but if it's off long enough, and someone else grabs your dynamic address, you'll get a new one.

    Lastly, if they banned you by user instead of by IP, create a new account :)
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