IP Address of PC when connected through a router

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Dec 19, 2005
  1. What is the IP address of my pc when it is connected through a router?

    Is it the default ip address assigned by the router?

    For example I am using a linksys. The router is setup as a dchp so it will assign the pc a ip address of or something similar to that.

    Or is the ip address the one assigned from my service provider?

    If I want people to connect to my pc which ip address do I give them?
  2. tom_pearson

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    The IP address of your router is the IP address that is given by your ISP, the IP address of your computer will be what ever your router gives it on the LAN (which may well be 192.168.1.XXX). How do you mean "connect" into your computer?

    You can setup an FTP server if you want to share files, but you will need to assign port forwarding, so that any FTP requests that come into your router (Using the IP address given by your ISP) get forwarded to your computer (under the 192.168.1.xxx address).

    So ideally it would be great if you could say what you mean by connect, thanks! :)
  3. toffeapple

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    put simply

    run IPCONFIG from a command line this will give you your ip adress

    the ip address of your router will be the default gateway..the ISP doesnt not provide the ip address for your router within your own LAN, it provides the IP address you use on the net.(the router converts this using NAT)

    most home routers by default use the 192.168.xxx.xxx ip range
  4. RD77

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    Thanks for the replies, here is an example of what I mean by connect.

    I want to host a multiplayer game on my PC, which IP address do I give out

    Am I correct in saying that I have to give people the IP address that is supplied to me from my service provider?

    Another example is similar to what you mentioned above, I want to setup a FTP server which will allow people to upload and download files from my PC.

    I hope these examples give you more details as to what I am trying to do.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    If you host that MP-game at home, all you need is a (bunch of) router, switch or hub with enough ports to accomodate everybody. You can buy up to 48-port switches/hubs.

    Personally I would not let ANYone have access to MY PC. You open the floodgates for trojans, virii, etc. if you do that without proper protection (and the knowledge to implement it)!
  6. tom_pearson

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    If you're hosting the MP game over the net, the IP address to give will be the IP address given by your ISP.

    For FTP I managed to get hold of CuteFTP Server Professional. This sits in the background of the PC you want to be serving and gives people access to certain directories at your wish (obviously this needs authentication, so you can set up different users and passwords), once this is installed you will need to look into the manuals of your router and set up port forwarding for FTP. The FTP port is generally port 21, so all you need to do is tell the router where to send requests on port 21.

    Aslong as you set things up safely and thoughtfully there should be a very small risk of hackers. I have a software firewall on my server, one hardware firewall and dozens of anivirus programs.

    Hope this helps, if you get stuck I'll be more than happy to give you a bit more detail about it!

  7. RD77

    RD77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you that helps alot !!!!
  8. LesterofPups

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    So can we assume you'll be hosting this game over the net, not just LAN? If so, you'll want to find out which port(s) are required by this game, and use port forwarding (in your router's setup) to forward traffic on these ports to the machine you'll be hosting the games on. Some games will work without doing this, but it's still a good idea.
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