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By Boins
Jan 5, 2007
  1. Hi there,

    A few years ago I remember seeing this program that basically acted like ZoneAlarm or other similar programs, however the difference with this one was that it allowed you to see and block IP addresses that you didn't want.

    it even provided you with a location (not pinpoint location but general) on a map as well. such as city or town the address was located in.

    anyone have any idea what this program was, or have any suggestions for any similar programs.

    reason I ask is because I've been made aware that someone is tracking one of my friends connections and showing them lists of the sites they've been visiting.

    I want to block this person from ever doing that to me, or my friends.

    cos its just bang out of order that they do something like this..

    thanks for your time
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Well, that blocking software will not help you. Do you know the IP address of this bad person? Are you sure that he is not using some other computer as a relay to forward this information?

    You protect yourself from harm by:
    1. Being sensible. Really, do not run programs you download from the internet unless you are absolutely sure they can be trusted.
    2. Not using Internet Explorer
    3. Using a software firewall that prompts you when a program tries to access the internet. Don't click "allow" right away. Think whether you want this internet connection to happen.
    4. Using a proper antivirus program.
    5. Doing regular spyware scans of your computer.
    6. Being sensible. Do not install random programs please. Think hard whether you need this crap. Especially if it is offered to you by a friend or a friendly advertising banner.
    7. Not socialising with *******s. Really, you don't want suspicious computer-savvy people using your computer even for a "couple of minutes".
    8. See point 1
  3. Ididmyc600

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    Good advice from Nodsu, thing is to obtain your IP address, assuming its a fixed address, someone whould have to
    a) sit at your PC and do an IPCONFIG.
    b)know the name of your PC and run a scan on a range of addresses, for instance I know that people on my ISP have a range of addresses in the format 82.x.x.x, now if I wanted to find someone, I need the name of the PC, most people put stupid things like "davesmachine" or "chavezfamilyPC".

    Once you know the name however, tracking what a person does is a little more complicated, unfortuntately MS didnt put a password on the admin account of XP home (so im led to believe) this is a major security risk as it leaves a door wide open for hacking tools, even with that hole closed it takes a really PC literate person to track what sites you have been to, unless as Nodsu says they are stupid enough to run a trojan program, in which case a keylogger will report all keys pressed.

    As Nodsu says providing you install a decent firewall and make sure no one has access to the PC for even a minute then your safe, also make sure you use a decent password and dont log on with your own name, use a name like, oh I dont know, "Spud" or "PCguy", again having a hard to guess name along with a hard to guess password will prevent even a knowledgeable hacker from getting access to your system, either from within or without...

  4. Boins

    Boins TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    thanks guys, put my mind at ease a little bit,
    still concerned though how this person got a hold of my friends details like that. she (the friend) said hat she was shown a list of sites she had been to, but i guess I dont' know what she's been installing so anything could have happened.

    anyway I've got peer guardian on this computer and some AVG stuff too, you reckon that'll be ok?
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