IP Printing Ports for WIndows 98

By cooter1979
Aug 2, 2006
  1. Hello fellow techs and enthusiast...this is my first post and I am stumped on a problem that maybe some in here will have a solution for. I am a computer tech for a school district and we are all looking for this solution...

    The project that our district is working on is to change over our printing from queue based printing to tcp/ip printing. The problem that we are faced with is that Windows XP can create tcp/ip ports for printing, but in Windows 98 does not make the ip ports in a GUI interface. The only thing we can do right now is use the install disk(s) for the HP printers and it will set up the ports for us. The problem with using the install disks is that it is very time consuming and for adding 3 IP ports for over 5000 Windows 98 machines. Time per machine averages about 15-18 minutes per machine!

    Is there a program, macro, or protocal out there that can just make the IP printing ports for Windows 98 and avoids all the extra stuff that comes with the HP install disks?

    Please help if you guys can, thanks. :stickout:
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