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Ipod BSOD - FastFat.sys error

By lalaji
Nov 20, 2004
  1. Hey guys im hopin you can help me out with this one. For some reason sometimes when i plug my 4G 40GB ipod into the dock i get a BSOD error that says there was a Stop error on file FastFat.sys. Im not sure why this is happening. Anyone heard of this error and/or know how to fix it? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys!

    PS Didnt know if this was where this thread should go so Mods feel free to move it if necessary.
  2. neutrinokid

    neutrinokid TS Rookie

    PROBLEM SOLVED! - Neutrinokid

    Here is how i fixed it without installing all those crappy windows service pack fixes which bear the microsoft seal of frustration.

    1) open itunes
    2) connect you ipod
    3) as soon as the device icon pops up, pull the ipod out
    4) it will temporarily freeze, but simply wait until the device icon disappears
    5) now reconnect the ipod and when the icon appears, immediately in the itunes menu select [edit] > [preferences]
    6) in the [ipod] tab, tick the checkbox for 'enable disk use'

    hope this helps, it worked for me.
    i just don't know why apple didn't enable disk use by default. Eh?
    if you want to thank me or curse me, send an
    email to :
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