IPOD Nano equivalent.

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Feb 18, 2007
  1. I have one, and I like it. They are still around $150, and I want to buy one as a gift. I know there are cheaper brands that are basically the same thing. Are they good? Any suggestions?
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Well there are a lot of brands, but most other Mp3 players dont have such a nice screen, or ability to hold photos. Unless you get a zune or something, but that is about the same price. At most CD Warehouses, or circuit citys, they have mp3 players that are easy to use, and work well. Just remember there will not be a screen on it that displays like an Ipod.
  3. wibtr

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    thanks for the info. what do you really lose form not having a screen?
  4. cfitzarl

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    My friend bought a no-name iPod Nano look-a-like off of eBay, and he really likes it; it even plays videos, and it cost him <$100 too!
  5. Gars

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    Teac MP-350

    my brother have this one
    in short - cheap, good sound and good look, image browser, 7-8 hours battery life, FM tuner, etc
    i like it :)

  6. halo71

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    What about a iPod Shuffle? They are cheaper than the nano I believe.

    Not true, the Zune is around $250. Its screen is bigger than the iPod and the display is as good or better IMO.

    You dont lose anything really, you just cant watch video or see the song selection etc. But with some you can see the song selection.
  7. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

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