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Feb 26, 2005
  1. Hey! I am thinking about buying the new kind of Ipod mini. It comes with a cd to install a itunes. The minimum requirements were 233 megahertz speed, 128gb memory and Windows 2000 or XP. My computer is 500 megahertz speed, 128gb memory and Windows 98. Would itunes still work on my computer even though i have Win98.

    I found an awsome upgrade to Windows XP Professional for $89 and want to get it but wasn't sure if Microsoft Office 2000 would work with it. Microsoft Office 2000 is ment for Windows 98 but would it work with Windows XP?

    Please Help!

  2. swker98

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    i have xp and office 2000 so it does work but sometimes u get these anoying errors, but pritty seldom maybe once a week but it just closes work so u have to save oftenif u also have these problems. and GET THAT UPGRADE that the best prce i EVER saw for xp pro, where did u find it for $89?

    P.S xps minual requerments are http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/evaluation/sysreqs.mspx
  3. SNGX1275

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    I'm not positive but I highly doubt iTunes/iPod will work with 98.

    But yes Office 2000 will work perfectly fine under XP.
  4. Revere

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    Cheap Price

    Hey! I was wondering what kind of errors happened. I sometimes have errors with my Office 2000 but it isn't much of an issue. About the $86 i found a website www.CampusTech.com. You can find all other kinds of deals there too. The only thing is that you need an acedemic id to puchase stuff on the website. You can be in any grade or collerge to use it.

  5. rahuls

    rahuls TS Rookie

    Make sure that you download the latest ipod update from the apple website before doing that
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