iPod woes continue

By BigJohnHart ยท 7 replies
Apr 17, 2006
  1. Well after exhausting every option I have come to the conclusion that something has happend to the formating on my 30 GB video iPod. Over this last weekend I researched and tried every fix on the apple support site as well as some suggestions by others.

    Basically both iTunes and my Computer do not recognize it as a iPod. Every attempt to use the updater or to explore or open the iPod results in locking up my computer. It simply shows up as removable drive G:. The iPod plays as it should but I can no longer put anything on or take anything off the iPod.
    Even installing iTunes on another computer and then hooking up the iPod via USB has the same result.

    I am going to contact Best Buys geek squad but am sure it will have to be sent back to apple for repair.

    I did download and install a program on the iPod called sharepod which allows you to send songs from the ipod back to another source. It worked fine for a several weeks. The only other thing could be that I possibly picked up a virus from a downloaded song. WHo Knows. Thanks for everybodys help. I guess the bright side to this is I have 2883 songs on the iPod so I do have music to listen to.
  2. Didou

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    Have you tried to reset the iPod ?
  3. BigJohnHart

    BigJohnHart TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh Yea

    I have reset the iPod both on the unit itself and tried through the iPod updater on my computer. On the updater it locks my computer up or I get the the iPod Service Error message. Reseting on the iPod itself has no affect
  4. crazdude

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    lol this isnt the right forum for that topic, just had to mention, and by the way am wondering, do !pods only play !tunes? or can they also play mp3s? because !tunes must be purshased and ive seen people with !pods that have over a thousand songs, have they really spent over a thousand dollars on songs? or can they also use mp3s?
  5. Didou

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    They can play regular mp3s aswell, they just happen to be the only players that can play songs purchased via iTunes.
  6. crazdude

    crazdude TS Rookie Posts: 183

    and cany hold up to 60 gbs of memory, hehe
  7. Didou

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    So when you try to reset the iPod via another computer, that other computer locks up too ? This might not be possible, but you can always try to reset/format it on a Mac or maybe using a Firewire cable. It's worth a shot.
  8. BigJohnHart

    BigJohnHart TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Firewire only good on older iPods

    Sorry, I did not know this was not the right forum for this thread. I read that firewire is only good on the older iPods. I have not tried the iPod on a Mac Comptuer
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