Ipox IP-M945A mobo crashes when installing win xp

By TecsoundVic
Dec 4, 2006
  1. hi, seeing if anyone knows, i build CCTV computers where i work and we are currently using the Ipox IP-M945A mobo. now occasionally we run into this problem where the copmuter goes together just fine, it works beautiful and i start installing windows, it gets all through the user prompt section, and then the "installing network" prompts come up, i click next and next on the workgroup selection and it goes away as it should. about 5 seconds after this, the machine crashes and powers off. you then have to discharge the board for it to turn on again. now at first i thought this was maybe a prob with one of the other peices, like cpu, ram, hdd etc, so i quarentined all those parts and rebuilt the machine again, new mobo (same type) new cpu, new ram and a new hdd. i started the install again, and it crashed again, at the exact same time. the only common thing in this PC and the 3 that have failed in the past, is the Power supply, which is a generic but 650w PSU. so there should be no load on it what so ever, as at the install point, theres nothing in it accept for the mobo and ram and drives. (we use on board vga at this point - add a card later)

    has anyone heard of such a thing and/or how to fix?

    we use in these machines
    seagate/WD - 400gb ide and SATA drives
    512mb sticks of kingston ram
    intel core duo 3.5ghz socket 940 ( i think) processors
    ipox IPm945A mobo

    and later we add
    HIK vision cctv input cards
    Radeon SLI x300 256mb gfx card

    thank you's for your time

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