By toothmkr57
Nov 29, 2006
  1. I was just reading in another thread how to check the IRQ list. Still don't know what that really means. I found two different things occupying the same "number" it is #16 it has the (PCI) ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller (which is also on #18 and #19) and and Nvidia GeForce 6200. Could this be the thread stuck in whatever error I sparatically get? How do I fix it??? Is there anyway? I think this may be my multimedia drive, how do I find out? Thanks,Paul
  2. cpc2004

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  3. danieldude

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    first disable the onboard cards if you dont use them

    i had the geforce 6200 tc, and it shared irqs also, did trouble.
    try changing your pci cards with one another(change slots) maybe itll fix your stufff.

    what r the error msg you get?
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