is 40*C a safe system temp?

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Nov 4, 2006
  1. my cpu is at 28-32 and system is at 40. is 40 a safe temperature for a mobo??
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    Ok so you say that your CPU (by CPU I assume you mean the Processor of system, and that you didn't use "CPU" as an acronym for "computer") is 28-32 degrees, celsius I suppose. Then you say your system is at 40C, but then you ask if 40C is safe for a motherboard. So is 40C your ambient case temperature, or is 40C your motherboard temperature? Please verify.

    What are you using for temperature readings? 40C is still OK for your motherboard, but it's awkward how your Processor can be that much cooler than your mobo...
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    well the tempature has been increasing it running at 45* now but it is the motherboard not the case temp
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    yes the chipset
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    I agree with that statement.
    You can always open the cover and get a fan to blow at it.
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