Is a CPU Upgrade from Celeron 2.0 to P4 a CPU only job?

By EdL · 6 replies
Dec 4, 2005
  1. I'm not to technical, but I can plug & play, therefore I'm looking for some guidance on trying to determine if I can upgrade my sons HP-533W to a P4
    ( by simply replacing the CPU and fan.

    • Celeron 2.0 GHz
    • 400 MHz Front side
    • Socket mPGA478
    • Mobo TriGem GL VE 2002052 (Glendale)
    • Chipset 845GL

    Will any 478 pentium processor work with this motherboard. Trigem's website is extremely lacking?

  2. vnf4ultra

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    You have the best shot at an upgrade if you get a socket 478 northwood core cpu with a 400mhz fsb. This is the best I can find, a 2.8ghz northwood 400fsb.

    It's likely your board only supports the 400fsb, so a 533 or 800fsb cpu won't run at a proper speed on the board.

    Many older boards don't support "prescott" core pentium 4's so I'd advise against getting one, look for northwood.

    If you do get a 2.8ghz 400fsb cpu, be sure to get an adequate cpu cooler that's rated to handle that speed processor and can fit on a socket 478 cpu.
  3. iss

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  4. EdL

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    Thanks for helping me build my understanding. Other than not utilizing all of its mhz will using a 533 mhz cpu do any damage to a 400mhz board or the cpu itself? I'm thinking price? For $200+ I can get an AMD Athlon 3200 2.2 cpu & mobo.

  5. iss

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    personally I would take this option the 845 chipset isnt all that great to begin with and trigem is a cut rate poor quality mobo. your money would be much better spent building a AMD system.
  6. EdL

    EdL TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just as I suspected.


  7. cboatner

    cboatner TS Rookie

    Same Mobo/chipset, different question

    HP Pavillion 533w MoBo specs;

    I tried to increase the memory from 256Mb to 768Mb with the addition of a Kingston PC2100 SDRAM 266 Mhz, 64x64 module. The system will not boot up properly. I get an error message referring to partition error. When I remove the new memory stick the system boots up fine. I did some research and I think that the original memory stick is a similar to what I have only 16x32-not 64x64 like the Kingston.

    I went to a RAM Compatibility website and saw that in the PC2100 line I can only add a PC2100 16x32 or a PC2700 64x64.

    Any suggestions on why the Kingston stick will not work? Shall I stick with a 16x32 module (no pun indended).
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