is ati gonna be on top again?

By ArchVile
Nov 21, 2005
  1. i just read an article from anandtech and it appears that the manta reference board for the rd580 chip is actually better for gaming when its crossfire config is pitted against the 7800gtx in sli. im thinking about upgrading my computer to a good gaming machine because my 9800pro and my mobile 2500 just aint enuff ne more. so heres the question, should i go with ATI or nvidia. im kinda undecided because in the past year nvidia has been kickin ati's *** in gaming, but only now is ati starting to show promise, but im not sure if i should base my decision on just one article. i was thinking about setting up either an sli system with one 7800gt now and another one l8r, or one 1800xl now and another one l8r when the rd580 comes out.
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