Is fixing of infections permanent?

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Sep 18, 2005
  1. please please help me !!

    hello. well i did everything but it would not let me update it so i went ahead and did the scanning. yes i did have infected objects, but it said it cleaned them up. did they clean them up permanetly ?? or do i have to do something else. now see before i did this i have AVG free edition and it had 4 little red circles with a x on them saying my system was infected with viruses. they were all trojans. they went away but at this moment im still scanning my computer. what else will i have to do ?? and on my desktop it has a blue screen with a balck box saying that my system was infected. what can i do ?? please help me and respond a.s.a.p i really really need help.
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    Antivirus solution providers scan for only some of many KNOWN problems;
    not one of them is a total solution to viruses, trojans, et al.

    This implies that we need more than just one tool in the tool box.

    If our AV product offers to 'fix' a problem and when invoked says something like
    'xxx trojan was removed', we feel very good and have justified our purchase of
    that specific product.

    However, if we do nothing else than just scan and remove, then what's to stop
    future infections? N O T H I N G :blackeye: So next week, we scan again and remove some more.
    The only way to reduce invections is to use a good firewall and learn how to configure it.
    This will in most cases stop the rash of infections and when our AV product
    reportes 'xxx removed', it's much more likely to stay removed.
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    Help !! Please

    thank you guys for your replies but it tried those sites, and nothing. im still having difficulties. if i have someone who works with computers come fix my computeR ?? is it forsure that he/she will be able to fix my problem ?? i think i do have the smitfraud one because that's exactly what would pop up on my desktop. now i have no desktop though. nothing shows up but my documents.
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    of course if you increase the heuristics of the anti-virus program it can scan for programs that have virus-like acitivity.....
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    thanks alot !!

    thankz alot you guyz !! itz fixed :) thanks very much. will any of you have good websites with a good firewall n something that scans for virus ?? or is AVG free editi0n good enough ??
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