is it bad to have 333 memory and 266 processor?

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Aug 13, 2003
  1. I have an athlon xp2200 (266) and I had 512MB pc2100 (266) and everything was great. I replaced the memory with kingmax pc2700 (333) which i know is supported by my 7VJL deluxe apogee with KT400 chipset, but ever since then, it periodically locks up on me.

    Any ideas? Maybe just bad memory?
  2. iss

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  3. gsgleason

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    Thanks. I will try that, and I'll also put in my old memory and see if it stops locking up.
  4. dani_17

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    It's surely a problem with your memory. Memtest will detect it for sure.

    I recently had 512 mb of 266mhz poor brand memory and I replaced it with 2 modules of 512 kingston 333mhz and I have no problems at all. My cpu is a XP2000, running at 266, as yours.
  5. Justin

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    Don't be so sure... if it is an intermittent "hard" error, the possible causes are quite varied... and may only appear under certain circumstances; a flat stress-test may not be one of them.
  6. gsgleason

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    Either way, I already got an RMA so I can get it replaced if I need to. I will do the mem test when I get home, and if it shows no problem, I will remove one stick, swap it with the other stick, and try my original memory. Time for some troubleshooting.
  7. Dantrag

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    i had the same problem my system locked up after a while its bad memory for shure...
  8. Nic

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    You could also try reseating the memory modules as it may just be a doggy connection.
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