Is it eVGA or EVGA

It the correct way to spell evga "eVGA or EVGA"?

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I noticed on that all eVGA products were renamed to EVGA. I found this strange and I prefer the eVGA name over the EVGA name. But I was wondering if the name is eVGA or EVGA. I guess it really doesn't matter, but I kind of care.

Anyway because of neweggs change in names I thoughh the correct name is EVGA. Yet in my eVGA e-GeForce 7900 GS KO 256MB (and thats how I believe it should be named. Sorry cfitzarl) manual it is called eVGA.

Anyway, you known the question.


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If you head over to, then you see that it is EVGA all over the place. Maybe they decided to change the spelling at some point?


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As Nodsu says, if you head over to, you will see EVGA on the official site. You've got to think they now how to use there own name. Circuit City doesn't though, in subsequent adds, they use it both ways.


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I've always called it "eVGA".

While Google-ing its logo, I found two:

I guess this would be their old one:

And this is the one we see in all their new graphics cards:

I guess either one works. People will still know what you're talking about.

I also like to spell nVidia as "nVidia", rather than the all-capitals one.
I guess that's because all-capital spelling is sometimes "shouting", and might be considered rude. :)


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Somebody reverted you then. It now says eVGA.

While NVIDIA's logo says nVIDIA, the text on their site says NVIDIA. I guess it's whichever you prefer.
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