Is it Hard Disk problem?

By 6stringevil
Aug 18, 2005
  1. My computer was working fine then one day it gave some "tick " sound from Hard Disk and hanged and then after 5-6 re-starts it started else hanged while detecting hard diskand same sound came again and again. I got the hard disk replaced from Samsung it is 80 Gb 7200 Rpm. Now the problem is i can't install XP.i tried installing it with 5-6 diffrent CD's but each time some diffrent kind of errors it gave. SOme times it restarts and fives some pagefault error with fastfat.sys, then sam error with some bus file .sys i tried removing my rams one after another same problem contnued. If i succesfully install XP by any chance then i can't load any driver (audio,Video,Mother board) as it does gets installed succesfully sometimes else...system automatically re-s with so many errors and most of the time drivers don't get loaded. i know how i am posting rite now thi thing..When i open just a forum ...million of spyware enter my PC. which keeps on messging again and again. And that site is spyware free..dunno how these wares come into my pc..i try using spybot but it behaves in very weird even loads and unloads automaticallyso as my audio,video, MOBO drivers. Please help me out. I tried this thing on my friends pc and it did same think though his Hard disk is working fine therei tried making my ard disk primary then also
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